Hotel Giudecca

The hotel is located on the Giudecca Island, the largest one of the Venice lagoon with its eight islands connected by typical bridges.
In this context with its backwater charm we find the Hotel Giudecca, an elegant building in a vaguely retro style far away from the tourist bustle of the historical center.

In its renovation, this architectural lagoon gem has preserved the traits and the value of its incredible past. A private dock on the Palada Canal provides a water entrance. The 30 rooms have kept an ancient and sophisticated line though offering the most contemporary comforts and amenities.

Hotel Giudecca is the ideal starting point for those who want to live and experience the real Venice in its authentic bohemian style: the Venice which reminds the aristocratic salons, the intrigues and legends. The Venice of the fishermen, of the artisans who have chosen a long time ago to base on this island their own businesses, but also of the fugitives who fled here over the centuries.
All this at a short distance from the heart of the city: San Marco Square which can be reached from the hotel by boat in a few minute.

Of particular interest is the Zitelle church, begun in 1582 by Jacopo Bozzetto and designed by Palladio, completed in 1586.